SEO Tips: Improving page rank through building backlinks

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Links are important factor to get a good page rank on search engine. If you have right keywords for your website, good design and optimized content still you are not having a good search engine visibility means you need to build Link.

Backlinks means links from other websites pointing to your website are vital source to get benefits of Search Engine Optimization. The good your are in building links with other website the more you improve in Page Rank at search engine.

Here in This Post Team Seabizguru has come up with some useful tips to build productive links for your website.

Tips to Build Backlinks

1: Do not Compromise on Quality:

Quantity is not as important in link building as is quality. 5  links you get from credible website are better than 500 sometimes you get from low level linking when it comes to build backlinks. Especially the revised algorithm of Google  that called Google  Panda aimed to discourage the websites with low quality linking. So always keep quality linking in your mind. The link comes from a authoritative website is like a an endorsement that your website is trustworthy for major players in the market.
2: linking With Relevant websites:

Then always try to locate those website or blogs that are leaders in your niche. Dont make links with irrelevant website or blogs. Its like when you write content of your website you choose content that best describe your website same you have to make those links that are best relevant to your niche. Relevance Matters

3. Content will remain king in link building as well
Content of your Blog or Website is important to get some quality backlinks. It not only attracts other blogs and websites to link with yours it also promotes itself and reciprocally your website also. If  you have interesting Blog post people may put it at their Facebook page, May Tweet about it, Can include it at Forums. Good Content can find its place everywhere.

4. Guest Posts

At your blog you can write guest posts. Guest posts should contain valuable information. write a guest post with original content for the site you want to link use Anchor text links and offer your post at that blog or website. Second way to do this may not sound conventional to write a guest post but it can work also.First do your research include information in your post of those whom you want to establish a link with. Use anchor text and put their URL under hyperlink. or in Simple word use a phrase that you may find popular, attractive and unique at their website or blog and make a link of that. And hope it may get the owner attention.

5. Link Exchange:

Reciprocal links — in which a friend links to your site and you link to his — are widespread across the Internet. In general, though, most SEO strategists advise against pursuing link exchanges.”If you have a website, and I have one and we just point at each other, Google thinks you’re trying to manipulate the system, and that link won’t count as a quality link,” Petty said.
6. Web  Directories:

There are number of web directories you can find on world wide web according to your niche. go register with them and submit your information there. They will link back to you. Credibility does matter . Use some of the popular web directories to get links. in that way you are not just getting backlinks you are also advertising the content at your website the products you offer and promotion is key to attract user.
7. Purchasing Links

Purchasing link is another good way to build back links. If there’s an online trade publication in your industry and they have a vendor area or sponsored content, it would be foolish not to consider that as part of your link marketing strategy.” As with an industry-specific directory listing, you’re exposing your site to target customers — which can deliver more business benefits than the potential search engine lift.
8: Competitor Link Strategies:

In Competitor analysis you always get an idea about what is the link building strategy of your competitor. Dont copy it try to build those links that your competitor lacks .

9: Do not just concentrate on Google :

During your SEO Do not just concentrate to optimize your website according to Google SEO. focus on using link-marketing tactics to increase targeted traffic to your site from other sites, rather than simply focusing on boosting traffic from Google.


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